Secure your PC for Free
May 15th,2011

PCHF Podcast No.1 - Securing your PC for Free - Episode 1 - PC Security for Free! (Huh?? FREE?? Yup, you heard it right)

This is our very first Podcast and we'd love to receive feedback from you about the show. If you have ideas for future shows we would really like to hear about that too!

In this Episode we talk about some great ways to secure your PC without spending a single penny:

Free Anti Virus Tools mentioned in the Podcast:
Avast Free - Avast Free Download
Microsoft Security Essentials - MSE Download

Free Anti Malware products mentioned in the Podcast:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes Anti Malware Free Download
SuperAntiSpyware - SuperAntiSpyware Free Download

Free Firewall products in the Podcast
Comodo Free Firewall - Comodo Firewall Free Download

Other Utilities mentioned on the show
SandboxIE - SandboxIE Download
Secunia PSI - Secunia PSI Free Download

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